Jeep Wagoneer S Trailhawk concept EV revealed

Jeep’s upcoming all-electric SUV, the Wagoneer S, is anticipated to feature a robust Trailhawk version for international markets. Introduced as a near-production concept, the Wagoneer S Trailhawk includes several modifications to enhance its off-road capabilities compared to the standard EV model.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Battery and Drivetrain: The Trailhawk is expected to share a 100.6kWh battery and a 600hp drivetrain with the Wagoneer S.
  • Suspension and Tires: The suspension is elevated by 2 inches, and it is fitted with new 31.5-inch all-terrain tires.
  • Drive Modes: In addition to the standard drive modes (Auto, Sand, Snow, Eco, and Sport), the Trailhawk includes a Rock drive mode.

Design and Technical Modifications

While the Trailhawk retains the STLA large platform from the Wagoneer S, Jeep has yet to officially disclose specific battery details and technical specs. However, the brand assures that this SUV will possess “all the capability of the new production vehicle.” It is expected to feature the same 100.5-kWh battery pack and a dual-motor, 600hp setup.

  • Exterior Enhancements: The bumpers have been modified to include tow hooks, the grille has been refreshed, and anti-scratch cladding has been added to the lower exposed surfaces to prevent damage during off-roading.
  • Suspension and Tires: The suspension is raised by 2 inches, and the SUV is equipped with 31.5-inch all-terrain tires. Functional air vents are also added to alleviate high-pressure zones in the wheel wells at high speeds.

Interior and Off-Road Features

The Wagoneer S Trailhawk, like other Trailhawk models, incorporates a Rock drive mode along with the standard modes. Additionally, it features a driver-selectable electronic locking rear axle. These enhancements, particularly those affecting weight, will likely reduce the Trailhawk’s range compared to the Wagoneer’s claimed range of over 480km.

The interior of the Trailhawk concept differs from the standard EV, featuring a new octagon-shaped steering wheel, a red-colored switch panel in the center console for drive modes, diff lock rockers, and a passenger grab handle. Despite being labeled a concept, it appears nearly ready for production and is expected to be launched in international markets in the future.

Jeep India EV Plans

Although Jeep is not expected to introduce the Wagoneer S or its Trailhawk version in India, the brand is planning to launch the next-generation Compass by 2026. This new model will offer turbo-petrol, diesel, and all-electric versions. Additionally, Jeep’s sister brand Citroen is anticipated to use the STLA Medium platform, which will be featured in the new Compass, for its next-generation models.

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