Kia Seltos HTK v/s HTK Plus – 1.83 lakh difference!

The car manufacturer recently made updates to the Kia Seltos 2024 lineup, introducing and removing various features across its variants. Therefore, we present a thorough comparison of the two most cost-effective variants: HTK and HTK Plus.

In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into the distinctions between the recently revised Kia Seltos HTK and HTK Plus models for 2024. The new Seltos HTK is priced at Rs. 12.23 lakh Ex-Showroom, while the HTK Plus is priced at Rs. 14.05 lakh Ex-Showroom. Both options offer a choice between petrol and diesel engines, but the HTK Plus stands out due to its additional option of a 1.5 Turbo Petrol engine coupled with an iMT gearbox.

The HTK variant does not include alloy wheels, whereas the HTK Plus variant comes equipped with alloy wheels. Both variants share electrically adjustable mirrors. The HTK Plus also features a sunroof, which is not available in the HTK variant. However, both variants are equipped with a reverse camera. Neither variant includes a partial tray as standard, but it can be added as an accessory.

For a detailed comparison and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the differences in features between these two variants, we invite you to watch our youtube video –

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