Mercedes EQS facelift debuts with New Battery

The latest update to the Mercedes-Benz EQS introduces a refreshed design, drawing inspiration from the S-Class. Notable changes include faux chrome elements on the grille and the addition of the iconic ‘star’ hood ornament, aligning the EQS more closely with the design language of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship models.

Enhanced Comfort and Features:
One of the standout improvements in the EQS facelift is its enhanced rear seat comfort. The optional Extended Rear Luxury Lounge Pack introduces a slanted footrest for rear passengers, along with adjustable rear backrests that can tilt up to 38 degrees. The rear seats also receive additional foam in the backrest for increased comfort. Other luxury features include seat heating, neck and shoulder heating, and pneumatic seat depth adjustment. Furthermore, the standard inclusion of the MBUX Hyperscreen brings advanced connectivity and entertainment options like Dolby Atmos, a YouTube web app, and a digital travel guide.

Increased Battery Capacity and Range:
The EQS facelift boasts a larger 118kWh battery pack, providing an extended driving range. This upgrade adds approximately 82 kilometers to the range, making it a more compelling option for those prioritizing electric vehicle range.

Anticipated India Launch
Mercedes-Benz is expected to launch the EQS facelift in India later this year. This move is part of the brand’s strategy to introduce nine new cars and SUVs in the Indian market. While the pricing details for the updated EQS are yet to be disclosed, it is likely to see a slight increase over the previous model. The EQS facelift will continue its competition with models like the BMW i7 and Porsche Taycan in the luxury electric vehicle segment.

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