Citroen Unveils the Basalt Coupe SUV

Citroen has recently revealed its latest addition to the automotive market, the Basalt Vision coupe-SUV, This marks the fourth installment in the company’s C-Cubed program, following the success of models such as the C3 and eC3 hatchbacks, as well as the C3 Aircross SUV.

Exterior Design Insights:
The Basalt showcases a compelling blend of SUV aesthetics and sedan-like proportions. While maintaining a familiar Citroen design language, it introduces subtle variations, such as distinct grille inserts and projector headlamps, offering a refined exterior appearance. Notably, it shares similarities with the C3 Aircross but boasts unique elements like squared-off wheel arch cladding and a sleek roofline that converge gracefully with the boot.

Detailed Exterior Features:
Viewed from the side profile, the Basalt displays notable features such as contoured surfaces, a blacked-out C-pillar extension, and stylish alloy wheels with a gun-metal finish. The rear end exhibits clean surfacing, larger tail-lamps with new LED signatures, and a chunky dual-tone bumper, enhancing its overall visual appeal. With dimensions akin to the C3 Aircross, measuring around 4.3 meters in length, the Basalt fits into the emerging segment of midsize coupe-SUVs. Its SUV aesthetics, elevated ride height, and coupe-like roofline position it strategically within this evolving market segment.

Interior and Powertrain Expectations:
While specifics about the Basalt’s interior remain undisclosed, expectations include a continuation of the C3 Aircross dashboard design with additional equipment. Anticipated features encompass electric folding mirrors, automatic climate control, cruise control, wireless charging, push-button start, and keyless entry, elevating the overall driving experience.

Powertrain Specifications:
The Basalt will inherit its powertrain from existing C-Cubed models, featuring a 110hp, 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine paired with either a manual or torque converter automatic transmission. Additionally, an all-electric variant is slated to join the lineup approximately six months after the petrol-powered model’s launch. Citroen plans to unveil further details about the Basalt later in the year, with the electric version expected to follow by January or February 2025, promising an exciting evolution in Citroen’s automotive offerings.

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